Monday, 5 December 2011

The best engineering resume that stands out

Sometimes even the resumes with good content get left behind in the filtration and selection process. Most of the engineers are able to write down all the technical details regarding their projects along with other academic and professional details but they don’t know the proper method to market it. Following are a few points to be considered while writing your resume or come to know how to write a good resume.

  • Resume type- There are three kinds of resume- Chronological, Functional and Combination resume. It all depends upon your work profile that which one of these suits you the best. If you have an extensive work experience and are still working or have just left working for a company before applying here, then the Combination or Chronological resumes are the best. But if there is some considerable gap between your last employment and this application then the functional resume will best solve the purpose.
  • Resume design and layout- Would a reader prefer just text or text with photos? Ask yourself this question. Along with writing about all your projects you can also put in some of the photos of you and/ or your team working at the project site. This will definitely impress the recruiter. Further, remember to choose an industry standard layout for your resume and make sure the font and size are easily readable.
  • Just the required information- Keep it short and crisp. You should furnish only that information which has some relevance to your line of work. Not every personal detail needs to be mentioned here.
  • Always use keywords- A very important thing to do before drafting your resume is to research about the job post being offered and look for all the commonly used industry standard terminology. Use this terminology in your resume. This will help increase the chances of selection of your resume by the computer systems as they filter out other resumes with redundant words.
  • Sell your skills- It is important to market yourself as the most competent prospective employee. Most engineers add all the relevant details of their projects and accomplishments but fail to properly market themselves. You need to speak out how your skill set will benefit the company in achieving higher targets.
  • Being an engineer, there will be many projects and work done to your credit. Writing the details for the same can become too much of a clutter and thus will take time to be read. The one thing that the recruiter is usually hard pressed for is time. So, put in the precise details in accordance to the type of industry you are applying in. if it’s the automobile industry, elaborate on all the details regarding your mechanical and technical work. Don’t leave out the rest of your details, just write them in short.

Incorporating all these points into your resume will surely give you a head start versus the other applicants.