Monday, 28 November 2011

Five things to be excluded from your resume

In the last blog we had discussed 5 things not to be included in your resume. You might write a great resume referring to many different sample resumes available online. However, if you do not know what things should be excluded from your resume, you would never recognize any mistake, and probably would do the same. We have a list of 25 things that should be excluded in a resume and we have discussed five of these earlier. Today we will move on and discuss more on the same.

What should not be included in your resume? Continued

6. Do not mention every job you took up:
You might have taken up a job during your college days, worked with some organization to earn extra pocket money, etc. However, you do need to include details of every job in your resume. Include only the jobs that occupy a huge duration of your career.

7. Age:
Believe it or not, some recruiters might discriminate on the age factor while screening resumes. This discrimination is unethical and illegal but it happens under disguise of some other reason. I am sure you do not want to miss out an opportunity, even before you are interviewed for the same. Thus, do not include age in your resume, unless asked for it.

8. Political or Social Identity:
Do not try to boast of your political or social identity. The recruiter might not entertain the same and probably would not want such a famous person to be a part of the organization.

9. False work experience:
Mentioning false work experience is a bigger sin than not having work experience at all. If you do not have work experience, you can at least prove yourself in the interview. However, if you mention false details, then you will be in big trouble, when you are cross-questioned on the same.

10. False Academic details:
False academic details should never be resorted to get a job. Even if you get one, and the employer later comes to know about it, he/she can terminate you without any notice, for providing fake details.

Make sure when you make your resume that you do not commit these mistakes. These are small things, but it can cause a huge damage to your career. We have more to come in this regard, and we would discuss it soon. Until then, keep reading for more on resumes here.

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