Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Practice of Law

Legal procedures have become a part of daily activities of any business; it has to take into consideration lot many things in connection with contracts which are part of legal formalities between the parties involved. Hence, corporations need to give proper attention to solving such problems with legal advice and assistance.

How the procedural formalities work?

Solving legal matters involve sound understanding of the legal system and procedural formalities, so that you can go for legal assistance from a lawyer. He/ she has a legal secretary (general law) to his assistance; they work in close coordination with each other, and solve the client's problems effectively.
An ombudsman is a person who functions as an intermediary, and has knowledge about constituency; hence, he can give proper services based on such knowledge and understanding. He has knowledge about various sectors; and hence, while solving such matters, he plays a lead role, and identifies various problems and tries to solve them in the most effective manner.

A paralegal (civil law) does the work of assisting the attorney, before, during, and after a trial. His role is invaluable in providing support to the attorneys, while litigation process is carried out. He is also considered one of the vital elements of a team formed to solve the litigations. He performs a whole range of activities, right from collecting various details by interviewing the witnesses, creating investigation reports, gathering necessary documents, to doing after trial assessment. Thus, his main work relates to research about the trial, and having initial judgments.

Sometimes, even a legal secretary has to locate the relevant information for solving the legal problems, and thereby performs the role of a paralegal. Thus, they all work in close coordination with each other, and carry out trial procedures. Hence, legal structure and procedures work as a system, and it needs good organization and integration to perform these functions properly.

So, if you have good analytical skills with relevant legal education base, you can perform a high range of different activities, and ensure that all the roles are carried out effectively and efficiently.